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The italian director Andrea Ricca, since 1998, has produced some Sci-Fi, Horror and Fantasy short films, with special effects in 3D graphics (CGI), that have exceeded 20 million views on the YouTube channel by getting good reviews from some of the most important international press and participating in numerous Film Festivals.

Short films are available for free along with the press review, author biography and other information on the official website:

All shorts were completely self-produced, zero-profit, no-profit, no outside contributions or pay to the participants, without any troupe, with the help of a FullHD camera and a computer. Subject, screenplay, directing, shooting, editing, post-production and special effects are made by the author himself.

His most successful work is: "SPIDER DANGER" with over 6 million online views and "ALIENS NIGHT" with over 4 million views on YouTube.

The short films of Andrea Ricca have been quoted in two degree theses on Italian science fiction cinema: "Italian Cinema of Science Fiction" - Prof. Roy Menarini and "The Cinema Designed for the Web" - Prof. Gian Battista Canova.

In 2012, Andrea Ricca also published the book: "Low Budget Special Effects - Computer Graphics for Independent Directors" published by Dino Audino Editore.

Here are the headlines that talked about Andrea Ricca:

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