The Giant Scorpion - Andrea Ricca Presents

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The Giant Scorpion

"THE  GIANT SCORPION", is the film by director Andrea Ricca, which tells of a  giant scorpion who attacks a beautiful nerdy girl, who loves horror films, and who, with a lot of action, inventiveness and a pinch of humor, will have to manage to win against the creature (made entirely in  GCI), even using a very unusual weapon.

"There is an energy and exuberance to the film that it is impossible not to be engaged by!" STARBURST MAGAZINE

"It  is tense and fun and frightening all at the same time. In other words,  it is the perfect tribute to the golden age of atomic radiation, giant  creature b-movies Ricca so clearly adores." FILM THREAT

“What  is better than a beautiful girl that sweetly sleeps under an ’80s issue  of “Fangoria” magazine and fights monster with a sharp blade?” HORROR NEWS
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