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Andrea Ricca is a director of science fiction and horror short films, with special effects in CGI, which exceeded twenty million online views by getting international reviews. Check the center of this page to watch videos.

Andrea Ricca è un regista di cortometraggi di fantascienza ed horror, con effetti speciali in CGI, che hanno superato i venti milioni di visualizzazioni online ottenendo recensioni internazionali. Vai al centro della Home Page per vedere i video.


"Short films very atmospheric and features impressive CGI monsters."

"There is an energy and exuberance to that films that it is impossible not to be engaged by."  


Il salernitano Andrea Ricca è un caso unico non solo nell’universo web ma nel cinema italiano."

"Divertissements genuini ed ironici, il cui piatto
forte è la CGI molto realistica."


"Andrea Ricca è una star del Web con oltre 19 milioni di click per i suoi lavori."

"Andrea Ricca e il folle universo dei corti sci-fi-horror, regista esperto di fantascienza e grafica 3D."


"I suoi numeri sul web fanno girare la testa e il risultato è a dir poco strabiliante; non solo a livello visivo: i suoi lavori incarnano alla perfezione la storia della letteratura e del cinema di genere, in cui il reale si scontra col fantastico, portatore di meraviglia, avventura, emozione, ma che alla fine svanisce nella quotidianità terrena."


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"It's a very impressive piece of work,
and the special effects are great throughout."

"We enjoyed the short movies one man
filmmaking machine."

"These short movies are pretty cool!"

"If you love it as much as we did
support Andrea Ricca indie horror filmaker."

"Spreading the good word on Andrea Ricca’s achievements."

"Gli alieni di Andrea Ricca sono un fenomeno."

"Andrea Ricca is a man of many talents which really shows in his works. I highly encourage you to subscribe on YouTube. This way you won’t miss any of the cool stuff he puts out in the future. Personally, I haven’t figured out why Hollywood hasn’t snatched this guy up yet."

"Strong do-it-yourself ethic, humor and well done special effects!"

"Aliens Night 2 showcase Ricca’s talent as a storyteller with creativity, passion, and hard work. The time, the sweat, the tears. Ricca bleeds for his work and his vision is clear."

"Aliens Night" racconta di un incontro ravvicinato tra una giovane ricercatrice e un gruppo di alieni appena giunti sulla terra.

"Prodotti rari nel panorama del cinema breve italiano, per via del massiccio utilizzo della computer grafica, seppur nella cornice di limitate risorse economiche".

"Il regista Andrea Ricca è ormai noto in tutto il mondo per i suoi cortometraggi Sci-Fi."


"Splendidi mini-film che richiamano,
il cinema fantastico del passato."

"Andrea Ricca fa della tecnologia strumento
di memoria cinefila e di riflessione
sul valore della fantasia."

"Piccole gemme che hanno ricevuto
gli elogi della Hammer Film."


"ALIENS NIGHT" got over 3,5 million views on You Tube and is about a close encounter between a young scientist and some aliens just arrived on the earth. It got some good reviews and critics also from the historical Hammer Film, Fright Film Fest, Slice of Sci-fi , CGBros and more. (7:40 minutes)

The Most Watched

"SPIDER DANGER" got over 6 million views on You Tube and is a tribute to '50s science fiction like "Tarantula" by Jack Arnold. It is about a spider that reach huge dimensions. (5:00 minutes)

"THE GIANT SCORPION" got over 1,5 million views on You Tube and is an independent sci-fi horror short movie, with 3D graphic special effects, about a scorpion that became giant after the fall of a meteor. "There is an energy and exuberance to the film that it is impossible not to be engaged by." - STARBURST MAGAZINE - (4:00 minutes)

"SPACE MONSTER" is a science fiction short movie, with 3D graphics special effects. It is a tribute to '50s science fiction like "The Thing".  An alien ship crash delivers a monster from space, who will chase a young cop. (3:30 minutes)

"THE FURFANGS" tells the story of mysterious and aggressive creatures who came from the space. It is a tribute to the '80s sci-fi comedy movies like "Critters". "Gremlins", "Ghoulies" etc. (5:00 minutes)

"THE GUARDIAN" is an adventure-horror-fantasy short movie about an archaeologist and an ancient skeletal guardian.
It is inspired from Indiana Jones and the stop-motion creatures by Ray Harryhausen. (4:00 minutes)

"UFO RACE" is a short and ironic sci-fi short movie about a drag race between a car and an alien spaceship. (2:30 minutes)

"THE SPOOKY GHOST" is about a girl inside an house haunted by a prankster ghost. It is inspired from '30 Disney cartoons like "The lonesome ghosts". (7:00 minutes)

"ALIENS WORMS" is a tribute to '90s science fiction like "Tremors". It is about alien worms which falls down on earth. (4:00 minutes)

"THE OUIJA BOARD SECRET" is an independent short film, about a scary ouija seance, that was produced by only one person: the director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation. (2:00 minutes - 2017)

"ALIENS NIGHT 2 - The Greys Return" is a science fiction short movie, with 3D special effects, about a close encounter. It is the sequel of "ALIENS NIGHT" which reached over 2 million views on YouTube. (4.00 minutes)

"THE SPIRIT BOARD" is an horror short film about a girl and an ouija séance gone wrong, shot with zero budget and without any troupe, with the only help of an HD Camera and a Pc. Writing, shooting, editing, 3D modellation and animation, compositing and post-production are made by the director Andrea Ricca. (6:00 minutes)

"SMARTPHONE DEMON" is a one and half minute horror short film about a man that take a photo of himself and the smartphone reveal something evil.

(1:30 minutes)

“THE AMULET OF FEAR” tells the story of a girl who finds an ancient amulet which has the ability to conjure up fears of the man who owns it and when she begins to read an horror book called “The Creature” it will come to life beginning a frightening battle.

"NIGHTMARE ESCAPE" - INTERACTIVE 3D Graphic Horror Adventure.
In this interactive short video you have to escape from the nightmare avoiding the deadly traps. Make the right choice!!

"SHARKARANTULA vs SNAKEORPION". A fake trailer as a tribute/parody to SyFy-Asylum monster movies. Unimaginable creatures, dyrtiest CGI. Our funniest trash guilty pleasure!!!

"CROCOZILLA". A fake trailer for a giant monster movie.

"It's a very impressive piece of work, and the
special effects are great."

"Is there anything
creepier than a really good spider movie?"

"Andrea Ricca is a great director who's short films are sure to entertain."

"A little jewel rich of special effects."

"It's a nicely-done mix of CGI and live-action and we're very impressed."

"Watch this independent short movie"

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