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Aliens Night 2


"ALIENS NIGHT 2 - The Greys Return" is an indie sci-fi horror short movie, with 3D graphics special effects, about a close encounter. It was shot by only one person, the director Andrea Ricca, at zero budget and without any troupe, with the only help of an HD Camera and a Pc. Writing, shooting, editing, acting, 3D modellation and animation, compositing and post-production are made by the director himself. (4.00 minutes). It is the sequel of "ALIENS NIGHT".


"Andrea Ricca releases Short Film Sequel "Aliens Nights 2". You wanted it, you got it.
It contains his brand and style. Check out this fun four minute short!!!
Now Andrea Ricca has blessed YouTube and the millions of CGI monster fans
around the world with another installment in the "Aliens Night" series."


"Uno stile brillante e disimpegnato ma anche una notevole conoscenza e passione per i classici del genere a cominciare dalle realizzazioni di Ray Harryhausen fino ad arrivare ai capisaldi fantascientifici degli anni ’80 firmati Spielberg, Zemeckis e Lucas."


"Vi presentiamo Aliens Night 2, un corto fanta-umoristico del regista salernitano
recordman di accessi su YouTube."


"Andrea Ricca is a man of many talents which really shows in his works. I highly encourage you to subscribe on YouTube. This way you won’t miss any of the cool stuff he puts out in the future. Personally, I haven’t figured out why Hollywood hasn’t snatched this guy up yet."


"Aliens Night 2 showcase Ricca’s talent as a storyteller with creativity, passion, and hard work. The time, the sweat, the tears. Ricca bleeds for his work and his vision is clear."


"The the sequel to the viral hit Aliens Night!!!"


"We're very excited to see the film that has been created
using only the bare essentials by a one person team."


"Watch Andrea Ricca's CGI monsters !!!"


"Those Pesky Greys Just Need a Lil Donkey Punch!"


"Les extraterrestres devraient se méfier!"


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