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The mysterious  charm of aliens! Who would not  want to meet one? Whether they are good  or bad, extraterrestrials have  always populated our imagination. What  will be the reactions of humans  in the face of creatures coming from  space? And 'what we will discover  in "Aliens Night", directed by Andrea  Ricca, in which a young biologist  will be face to face with alien  creatures come to earth to kidnap her  and perform experiments on his  body. But the girl will not be a  helpless victim and, fighting for her  own salvation, will be able to  overturn the fate of this adventure!  There is certainly some touch of  humor but above all an unexpected  surprise at the end!

"ALIENS NIGHT",   with special effects in 3D computer graphics, has already collected   over 9 million views online, receiving positive reviews from Hammer   Film, Horror Society, CGBros, Horror News, Fright Nights Fest and   participating in numerous Film Festivals ("CLEVELAND COMIC WITH FILM   SHOWCASE", "LOS ANGELES CINE FEST", "MIAMI FILM FESTIVAL", "AMERICAN   HORROR FILM FESTIVAL", "FANTAFESTIVAL", "VIENNA FILM FESTIVAL", "BIG   TERROR FILM FESTIVAL", "AMERICAN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL") and receiving   the positive reviews of international magazines. Semi-Finalist Los Angeles Cine Fest. Directed by Andrea Ricca.

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"Wow!!!!! This is an amazing film!
You and your team are incredibly talented."
Kenneth Daniels Executive Producer
"It's a very impressive piece of work,
and the special effects are great."
"Gli alieni di Andrea Ricca sono un fenomeno"
"Meraviglia,  avventura, emozione. I suoi film, più ancora che per gli effetti  speciali ben fatti ed efficaci, incantano per il loro messaggio poetico e  simbolico."
"Andrea Ricca è uno tra i registi più apprezzati nel suo genere, un vero baluardo del cinema indipendente made in Italy."
"The aliens look great and the computer effects are on the whole impressive."
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