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"Aliens on earth, but the protagonist is not a helpless victim!"

"ALIENS NIGHT" is a short science fiction movie, with special effects in 3D computer graphics that has collected over 7 million views online for many Film Festivals ("CLEVELAND COMIC WITH FILM SHOWCASE", "LOS ANGELES CINE FEST", "BIG TERROR FILM FESTIVAL","MIAMI INDEPENDENT FILM FESTIVAL","AMERICAN HORROR FILM FESTIVAL","FANTAFESTIVAL","VIENNA FILM FESTIVAL"...) and receiving  reviews from Hammer Film, Horror Society, CGBros, Horror News, Fright Nights Fest and many more ... (Duration: 7 minutes)

"It's a very impressive piece of work,
and the special effects are great throughout."


"Italian filmmaker Andrea Ricca successfully channels “creature features”.
What is most impressive is that this zero-budget auteur films his productions on a simple camera and constructs the final effects on a home computer. There is an energy and exuberance to the films that it is impossible not to be engaged by. The effects themselves are equivalent, if not better than many straight-to-DVD releases and the whole short feels very polished. What Ricca is doing is demonstrating that, with some talent and a whole lot of passion and perseverance, anyone can make a film."

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