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The Ouija Board Secret


"THE OUIJA BOARD SECRET" is an independent short film, about a scary ouija seance, that was produced by only one person: the director Andrea Ricca who did the scripting, shooting, acting, editing, special effects, 3d modellation and animation.


"The short film is very atmospheric and features
an impressive CGI monster."


"The new horror short film by Andrea Ricca."


"The CGI ghosts in this project look great, are almost
seamless, and really look like they are part
of the world the film shows us."


"The seance will not go as expected, revealing
a terrible secret."


"Andrea Ricca e il folle universo dei corti sci-fi-horror,
un regista esperto di fantascienza e grafica 3D."




"Il regista Andrea Ricca è ormai noto in tutto
il mondo per i suoi cortometraggi Sci-Fi."


"Ricca’s ability to have a full compelling story in as little as
two minutes is both amazing and impressive."


"The Ouija Board Secret" kicks off today’s Horror Highlights!


"This 2 minutes short has been well received
in a variety of genre publications and websites."


"Condensa mirabilmente in 2 minuti scarsi tutte le caratteristiche
del cinema di Andrea Ricca, brillante e disimpegnato
ma capace in questo caso di sorprenderci."


"Il terribile segreto della tavoletta Ouija."


"Para vocês que gostam the mexer com Tabuleiro Ouija,
fica aqui um aviso. Esteja certo que não
ficou devendo nada à ninguém."


"La seduta spiritica non andrà come previsto."


"Nice work!"

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