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"THE SPIRIT BOARD" is an horror short film about a girl and an ouija séance gone wrong, shot with zero budget and without any troupe, with the only help of an HD Camera and a Pc. Writing, shooting, editing, 3D modellation and animation, compositing and post-production are made by the director Andrea Ricca.

"THE SPIRIT BOARD" the horror short film, with special effects in 3D graphics, by italian director Andrea Ricca, has been officially selected at the prestigious English HORRORCON UK 2018 event, which will be held from 19 to 20 May, and this year will see guests , among others, Dario Argento, Claudio Simonetti, Jeffrey Combs (Re-Animator), Barbara Crampton (Rob Zombie's The Lords of Salem), David Warner (Straw Dog), Dee Wallace (ET) and Billy Wirth (The Lost Boys).

The story tells of a girl who has just arrived in a new house that, by arranging the old things of the previous owner, finds an old Ouija tablet, used to evoke the spirits from the afterlife. One evening the young girl's curiosity (interpreted by the actress Ilaria Lamberti) takes over and improvises a spiritual seance by involuntarily evoking a scary demonic being (created by the director himself in 3D computer graphics) that will begin to persecute her in every way and the protagonist will have to fight hard for her life.

"THE SPIRIT BOARD" has already been previously selected in numerous Film Festivals receiving positive reviews from  international newspapers, and can be watched free, along with the other works of the director, on the website:


Why To Never Play With An Ouija Board. I’m a fan of Andrea Ricca’s short, fun horror films and he just dropped another one!

THE SPIRIT BOARD has been nominated for Best Short Film in 15th Annual Rondo Hatton Classic Horror Awards.


"An ouija-based séance that goes wrong".

"Strong do-it-yourself ethic, humor and well done special effects!"


"The gorgeous girl is visited by an evil presence from the beyond."

"Una spaventosa seduta spiritica con una tavoletta Ouija."


"Una ragazza e una spaventosa seduta spiritica con una tavoletta Ouija."

(Intervista) "La storia di una ragazza e di una seduta spiritica che non va per il verso giusto…"


"An ouija séance gone wrong."

"An effective short monster film."



"Una spaventosa seduta spiritica con la tavoletta Ouija."


"An horror short film about a girl and an ouija séance gone wrong."

"Una ragazza inizia a giocare con la tavola utilizzata per le sedute spiritiche."


"A girl and an ouija séance gone wrong."

"Un horror demoniaco per Andrea Ricca, notevole autore di cortometraggi horror e sci-fi."


"Andrea Ricca debuts a new horror short film."

"Una ragazza evoca una creatura spaventosa che vuole portarla con sé negli inferi."


"A young lady should not have played with a spirit board."

"Una ragazza ed una spaventosa seduta spiritica con una tavoletta Ouija."


"Andrea Ricca gère lui-même le scénario, l'édition, le montage, la modélisation en 3D, les animations et la post-production !."

"Anche con zero budget si possono realizzare brillanti e divertenti opere di genere."


"A six minutes horror short film about a girl and an ouija séance gone wrong."

"Torna Andrea Ricca con una maggiore
impronta horror."


"Things do not go as planned for the girl that trying to invoke a spirit, using the Ouija board."

"Cortometraggi di fantascienza, con effetti speciali in computer-grafica, che hanno ottenuto recensioni positive da alcune delle più importanti testate cartacee internazionali."


"What he does have is tons of awards and accolades from international film festivals and an on-line following in the hundreds of thousands. I have to give respect for all of that."

"In this original horror short film, a bored woman puts down the remote and picks up a spirit board for entertainment. Maybe next time just stick with Gilmore Girls on Netflix, lady."

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