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Amazon Prime Presents: New movies streaming online

Among the many audiovisual offerings the public can enjoy today, including theatrical films, films on streaming platforms and the Internet, the new collection of more than twenty science fiction, adventure, horror and fantasy films, with 3D computer graphics special effects, which has already exceeded 50 million views online, garnering reviews from the international press, selection at numerous festivals and distribution in the United States on Amazon Prime, is now available free online.

Watch the Trailers:

Promo 1

Promo 2

Full trailer

From today on the streaming portal Andrea Ricca Presents are available on the new films with international success that everyone is talking about. Films that are already cult for American audiences (more than fifty million viewers) and the press, who have seen them in the United States on Amazon Prime Video, and which now arrive for free, with their exciting and full of rhythm style, on the website: www.andrearicca.it
A new free online movie resource for fans.


Filmmaker Andrea Ricca, has produced independent films, with the sole help of an HD video camera, a computer, and his own skills in digital special effects, that have garnered a very strong response on the web, proving that creativity and passion can overcome any financial limitations. His films captured viewers' imaginations with special effects and compelling storylines that kept audiences glued to the screen from start to finish.

The films have been are applauded by critics and science fiction fans worldwide, proving that talent and creativity can make a difference even in the absence of a large budget. The films are currently available on online platforms and are attracting the attention of producers and distributors who have recognized their commercial potential.

Science fiction fans can't help but be excited about this new wave of films available now on the website:

Film Catalog.

"Aliens Night" Science Fiction
"Spider Danger" Science Fiction - Horror
"The Giant Scorpion" Science Fiction - Horror
"The Amulet of Fear" Horror
"Space Monster" Science Fiction - Action
"The Spirit Board" Horror
"The Spooky Ghost" Horror - Comedy
"The Furfangs" Science Fiction - Action
"Fantastic Tales" Episodic Movie Science Fiction - Horror
"The Furfangs 2" Science Fiction - Action
"Aliens Night 2" Science Fiction
"Ufo Race" Science Fiction
"Alien Worms" Science Fiction
"Jurassic Nights" Science Fiction
"The Ouija Board" Horror

Winners of numerous awards at film festivals around the world, including the Los Angeles Film Festival, Fantafestival, Miami Film Festival, Vienna Film Festival, Texas Terror Film Festival, International Fantastic Film Festival, Cleveland Comic Con, Shadowline Film Festival, Horror Con Uk, etc., the films are currently distributed in the U.S., U.K. and Japan on Amazon Prime Video.

Full of excitement, these films rely on action and fast pace to tell stories of fantastic events that disrupt the tranquility of ordinary people forced to fight for their lives. Made with actors filmed from life interacting with computer-generated creatures, the films are inspired by both classic and modern science fiction and horror.

Find out more:

You only need to watch the Trailer to immerse yourself in the classic atmosphere of fantasy, science fiction and horror cinema:

How can I watch these movies in streaming?

They have applauded its qualities by some of the most prominent film publications: Starburst Magazine, Scream Horror Magazine, Dread Central, Gruesome Magazine, Horror Society, RadioTimes and many others.

Starburst  Magazine, Rue Morgue Magazine, RadioTimes, Scream Horror Magazine,  Dread Central, Fansided, Gorezone, Horror Society, Horror Fix, Bloody  Disgusting, Film Threat, Horror Fuel, Cinema Go, Film News UK, Horror  News, Gruesome Magazine, Film Carnage, Daily Dead, Horror Cult Films,  Trip Wire, Horror Experts, Joblo Movie Network, Trailer Addict, Promote  Horror, BZ Film, Realm of Horror, Independent Critic, Indie Horror, Red  Mango, Tech Game World, Live for Film, We Are Indie Horror, Letter Box,  Vocal Media, World Film Geek, Addicted to Horror Movie, Scare Tissue, My  Favorite Horror, Love Horror, This Sent, Reprobate, Geek Twins, Zombies  in my Blog, Entonation, Slice of Sci-Fi, World Film Geek, Ecran  Fantastique (Francia), Sfx Magazine (Regno Unito), Blood Guts (Regno  Unito), De Nacht Vlinders (Olanda), RGRU (Russia), Prime Cool  (Germania), CDM (Spagna), Accion Cine (Spagna), FantCast (Spagna),  Mansion del Terror (Spagna), Paper Blog (Spagna), Nido de Cuervos  (Spagna), Video Clip (Bulgaria), SensCritique (Francia), Club Des  Monstres (Francia), Fino Filipino (Filippine), CineRamen (Germania),  Spinnenspielfilme (Germania), SFD (Slovacchia), Madonasi (Giappone),  Trupi Jad (Polonia), Sogou (Cina), Zhihu (Cina), Xbeibeix (Cina), Amazon  Prime Jp (Giappone), FilmOw (Brasile), Caf├ĘComNerd (Brasile)

Here are some comments from critics:

"There's an energy and exuberance in these films that it's impossible not to get caught up in." STARBURST MAGAZINE

"The computer effects are impressive." HORROR NEWS

"Full of excitement and action, you can really enjoy these films." RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE

"The films are impressive and feature excellent CGI monsters." SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE

"It is the perfect tribute to the golden age of b-movies." FILM THREAT

"Le magicien du systeme 3D." ECRAN FANTASTIQUE (France)

"All the work he does is very impressive and I can't explain why he is not working in Hollywood." FANSIDED

"Available a ton of films characterized by humor mixed with a genuine love for the genre and a great positive energy." RED ROBOT

Explore a world of science fiction, adventure, fantasy and horror movies at www.andrearicca.it. Join 50 million viewers worldwide. Free streaming, rave reviews, and success in the U.S. on Amazon Prime Video. Dive into a fantastic cinematic journey!

After millions of online views and U.S. distribution on Amazon Prime, we are thrilled to say that the reviews and ratings of our science fiction films have been positive from international magazines praising their creativity and originality.

If you are a fan of science fiction, adventure, fantasy and horror movies, you will find a collection of free streaming movies here.

We are also particularly proud that these works have been cited in two graduate theses on cinema: "Science Fiction Cinema" with supervisor Professor Roy Menarini and "Cinema Designed for the Web" with supervisor Professor Gian Battista Canova, demonstrating their artistic and cultural value.

To these are added the appreciations of the historic production company "Hammer Film" and the compliments of special effects legend Tom Savini and director Wes Craven.

What are you waiting for? Have you got your popcorn ready yet?

Don't miss the chance to immerse yourself in an evocative world of alien invasions, monstrous creatures, supernatural events, and heroes fighting for their lives!

Slogan: A train without brakes to the world of imagination.

Andrea Ricca Official Website: http://www.andrearicca.it

Who is Andrea Ricca?

Andrea Ricca, director and producer, specializing in 3D graphics and collaborator with the Giffoni Film Festival, starting from the making of independent films, has created, over a period of about twenty-five years, since 1998, a multimedia ecosystem around his brand: "Andrea Ricca Presents," consisting of film production, distribution in the United States on Amazon Prime and in Italy with Minerva Pictures, the production of a book on special effects, a section of reviews and tutorials, and a presence in film festivals around the world. All this is collected in the website: www.andrearicca.it, which over time has attracted over fifty million streaming viewers and positive reviews from the Italian and international press, as well as appearing in dissertations and books on cinema that spoke of him as one of Italy's leading experts on digital and independent cinema.

"There's an energy and exuberance in these films that it's impossible not to get caught up in." STARBURST MAGAZINE

"Full of excitement and action, you can really enjoy these films." RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE (https://www.rue-morgue.com/short-films-from-andrea-ricca-available-free-online-now/)

"The films are impressive and feature excellent CGI monsters." SCREAM HORROR MAGAZINE (https://www.screamhorrormag.com/short-film-ouija-board-secret-reveals-horrible-truths/)

"The computer effects are impressive." HORROR NEWS (https://horrornews.net/?s=andrea+ricca)

"It's the perfect tribute to the golden age of atomic radiation, to b-movies with giant creatures that the author clearly adores." FILM THREAT (https://filmthreat.com/reviews/the-giant-scorpion/)

"All the work he does is really impressive and I can't explain why he's not working in Hollywood." FANSIDED (https://1428elm.com/2017/04/28/watch-andrea-riccas-new-short-film-amulet-fear/)

"Fans of science fiction, horror, fantasy and adventure films will enjoy these films." HORROR FUEL (https://horrorfuel.com/?s=andrea+ricca)

"Le magicien du systeme 3D." ECRAN FANTASTIQUE (France) (http://www.andrearicca.it/ecran-fantastique---andrea-ricca.html)

"Spreading the good word about Andrea Ricca's achievements." HORROR SOCIETY (https://www.horrorsociety.com/?s=andrea+ricca)

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