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"CROCOZILLA" Official Trailer (2022) Mega Crocodile
(directed by Andrea Ricca)

In this oversized monster movie, a giant crocodile attacks the city.

Release end of 2022 on Amazon Prime Video


In a dank Florida swamp, scientists drill for reaching a cavity never touched by man. They discover previously unknown microorganisms, invisible to the human eye, which had lived in that cave for millennia. Suddenly the ground collapses, swallowing up the researchers. Before long, local crocodiles begin exploring the newly accessible crater. One of them unwittingly comes into contact with the ancient microbes. After a while, a giant crocodile crawls to the surface and makes its way to the city, where it begins to attack and create chaos. The police appear to save the city by destroying the creature. Researcher Amy Irwin, a survivor of the catastrophe, learns about the giant creature. She instantly realizes the potential to study it and make great scientific progress. But she she has to get to it before the police do.


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